We are living in a great period of time. Despite the problems we are facing today with the ecology pollution, decline in family values, the development of industrial civilization and other issues, we have a unique opportunity not only to acknowledge cultures and traditions of different nations of the planet but actually see it with our own eyes and try it ourselves thanks to the latest ways of communication and modern ways of transportation. One of these traditions is Amazonian shamanism. Originated thousands of years ago this culture has gone through the phases of nascence, active development and extermination under the pressure of conquistadors followed by marginalization. However, despite the troubles, the science of Amazonian shamanism has managed to survive all the challenges and by the end of the twentieth century it rapidly began to conquer the minds and the hearts of the followers around the world justifying its right to exist. So why people are so attracted to this tradition? Primarily, the opportunity of healing. Amazon rainforest holds the secrets of how to treat many diseases including the ones that are considered to be incurable in the western world. Apart from that, this vibrant culture captivates ones mind by its originality, colorful rituals and its ancient myths and legends. Amazon rainforest which was recently declared as one of the seven wonders of nature is a home for thousands of species of birds, animals, insects and plants. It's incredible beauty can amaze and surprise even the most experienced traveller. The Kamalampi camp team offers traditional Amazon practices of health recovery and self-awareness under the guide of experienced healers (curanderos). We guarantee that a visit to our center will not leave you indifferent and will become one of the most memorable events in your life.


Kirill and Olga, January 2014

 I was in Kamalampi in the first half of January 2014, we arrived there with my wife after our friend’s recommendation. I have been interested in traditional healing and visionary methods like Ayahuasca before. I got introduced to it in 2006 and have not seen anything like it ever since. The healing effect of body and mind. I liked the location of campamento – far enough from civilization, there was no trace of its presence (including electricity and chemicals), but if necessary, in 30-40 minutes you can reach a fairly large village Tamshiyaku where you can find a market, different shops and even two village internet cafes.

A wide range of fine fruit, vegetables and other natural foods which greatly supply the body with energy, replenish its resources with useful and natural nutrients, vitamins and micro-elements which are especially important during the course of cleansing and ceremonies. Campamento itself blends in organically with the surrounding jungle, the houses are made of simple materials (the Temple was just starting to build up and I did not see it), a wide variety of plants and trees around, you can encounter beautiful and unusual insects, animals and fish in the river. A sandy beach by the river is very spacious and has a comfortable entrance into the water.

All the guests were from Russia, only about 12 people including us.There were no problems with any of them. We got along with them from the first day and had interesting conversations. We walked through the jungle with Anael, he told us many interesting things from his life associated with his shamanic destiny, experiments with plants and jungle spirits, showed a couple of dozen local healing plants and ayahuasca planted for the saving vines project.

During our 2 – week stay we participated in 4 ceremonies, three of them were led by Alex and Anael. Their support and attention in the ceremony helped us a lot. For one ceremony all guests went to a campamento nearby to Don Lucho Panduri – he was very friendly, open and experienced shaman. Sapotero came as well, a shaman, frog expert. Everyone including us has received this unusual detoxifying procedure.

All in all, a visit to Peru and Kamalampi was an unforgettable experience, it cannot be compared to anything. It is like another planet. Big thanks to Alex, Nargis, Anael and Rose for hospitality, kindness and care. We wish you luck in the development of this amazing project.

Kirill and Olga, Moscow